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Who is Tarkan?
Here you will find all about Tarkan: the most important details about his life, his career and his country.
What's New
Tarkan's latest news, interviews, articles published in magazines throughout the years.
His Music
Tarkan's musical evolution through his 5 albums (Yine Sensiz, Aacayipsin, Ölürüm Sana, Tarkan, Karma), with the lyrics and translation.
How I knew about him
My personal story about how did Tarkan get into my life: the events that allowed me to know about him and the way his music toched my heart.
Links to Tarkan websites around the world, plus links about Turkey, its culture and language.
Cast your vote and tell us if you will buy Tarkan's new album or rather download it from the Net. And you can also find here the results of previous polls.
Tarkan's Circle
Our Internet Fan Club. Check the message board for last minute updates on Tarkan.
Mi Tarkan
The best Tarkan picture gallery, music files, videos and PC extras.


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